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Remember when

Old School 1951

Posted 6:56 am, 09/16/2021

Remember when you had to hold your hand under the spindle on your car record player to keep records from dropping if you hit a bump? Boys that didn't have record players would ride around slinking down toward the middle of the seat to make out like they had one. The girl had to get in to know for sure LOL


Posted 2:17 am, 09/16/2021

Do you remember when kids were allowed to smoke in school and anyone could buy smokes?


Posted 1:14 am, 09/16/2021

And you had to put a penny (or two) on top of it to keep it from skipping?


Posted 12:19 am, 09/16/2021

Remember when you had to carefully place the needle on your record player precisely in the groove on the album to listen to your favorite song over and over?


Posted 11:27 pm, 09/15/2021

Remember when Captain Kangaroo and Fred Kirby were celebrities that literally everyone knew and loved?


Posted 7:42 am, 09/11/2021

Remember when Hmmm. Remember when MentalPause kicked Underdog's butt on GA literally baahaahaa..


Posted 7:33 pm, 09/03/2021

Does anyone remember when Dorothy and Friends moved to Beech Mountain?? Loved it......


Posted 7:02 pm, 09/03/2021

Remember when it was easy to get a car inspected??


Posted 4:06 pm, 09/03/2021

I had no idea that we had a Montgomery Ward!! LOL

I actually worked at Electric Avenue in Myrtle Beach when I was late-teens / early 20s, which was a division of Montgomery Ward. I quickly learned that they had TONS of lawsuits against them. They would file bankruptcy, wipe out the lawsuits, then come back with a different name

Do you all remembers Ghost Town in the Sky? I loved that place when I was a kid! I just saw a video from one of the "gunfighters" that worked there; turns out that he was also the "he gotta real purty mouth" guy in Deliverance!

Weird to think that I probably met the "purty mouth" guy


Posted 3:34 am, 09/03/2021

Remember when this actually used to be a useful site and a PG one as well? Hmm me neither?


Posted 6:30 am, 08/31/2021

Does anyone remember Montgomery Ward being on D street in N. Wilkesboro?? No matter what you ordered in the clothes line, it would Always come back Wrong size, color, style or not being offered anymore, But one good thing about it they had great catalogs, they worked well in the Out House and would last forever if ya could keep the boyz from peeing all over the place.. For what reason idk.....


Posted 11:21 pm, 08/30/2021

People have never been honest.


Posted 10:59 pm, 08/30/2021

Peopled we're honest everybody steal and lie k no ow people were honest and went yo blevins store the is HOMEDT VOTE NEWT


Posted 10:57 pm, 08/30/2021

remember when people where honest


Posted 7:35 pm, 08/30/2021

We use to have so much in Wilkes. We have lost do much.


Posted 7:30 pm, 08/30/2021

Cruising around west park was always a great thing! I remember growing up in the time of great food places. Sunny Italy was always a hot spot Thursday through Saturday, gah I miss those days 😩

Aw Shucks

Posted 7:21 pm, 08/30/2021

Anyone remember when the Nashville Flame went down one of the Ore Knob Mine shafts looking for bodies?


Posted 4:11 pm, 08/30/2021

Best burgers Dooleys and the food truck behind Nathan's.


Posted 4:04 pm, 08/30/2021

I remember the food being so much better. It is almost impossible to find a good burger now a days.


Posted 3:57 pm, 08/30/2021

I remember when prople was honest but no one is honest now vote newt

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