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Bigfoot "sighting" in Shelby NC


Posted 9:08 pm, 07/05/2023

If you believe the big lie, why not this? Was Trump's publicity crew involved?

DB Cooper

Posted 3:51 pm, 07/05/2023

I don't know if bigfoot would do that or not...


Posted 3:50 pm, 07/05/2023

I do feel like I should point that in the second paragraph, her name changes from "Stoner" to "Munson". And in some versions of the article I found, her name was "Sierra Stowe" instead of "Sierra Stoner".

I can't find any reference to "Dr. Albert Furman", either; the "renowned geneticist" from "the prestigious Gaston College". And, of course, "Gaston College" is a community college in Gaston county.

So yes, it's obviously a joke

But be honest. When you read it the first time, you thought, "that sounds about right." Didn't you?!?!


Posted 3:45 pm, 07/05/2023



Posted 3:40 pm, 07/05/2023

"Stoner" there's your sign!


Posted 3:20 pm, 07/05/2023

A local woman is the talk of the town after an outrageous claim that she recently made.

Sierra Stoner, 24, of Lawndale, says that she was impregnated by Bigfoot while on a camping trip a few months ago. "It's the only logical explanation," says Munson, a longtime employee at Dairy Queen in Lincolnton North Carolina. "My husband is sterile so we thought we couldn't have kids. Now I'm pregnant and the only way this could happen is if Sasquatch was the daddy!"

Sierra's husband is fully supporting his wife even though her story sounds a bit far-fetched. "She was on a camping trip with her girlfriends in Lake Lure a while back," says Howard Stoner, 53, of Shelby. "She said that Bigfoot snuck into her tent up there near Lake Lure and had his evil way with her. I believe my wife. We've been married for a long time and she's never lied to me."

Experts in the scientific community have been quick to voice their skepticism. Dr. Albert Furman, a renowned geneticist at the prestigious Gaston College, remarked, "From a biological standpoint, the likelihood of interspecies breeding is virtually nonexistent. While Bigfoot sightings remain an intriguing mystery, we must rely on factual evidence, not personal anecdotes."

Meanwhile, Harold Stoner says that he looks forward to confronting Bigfoot one day soon to give him a peace of his mind. "I've got some strong words for that Sasquatch," warns Harold. "And he won't like hearing what I have to say, that's for sure."

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